Hello, I’m Angelica. I intend to blog mostly about God and Television, because while I care about most things, I think about these the most. I also think about my friends frequently. And fairies. And octopi. Ok, I actually think about the few things I know about most of the time, except for when I’m sleeping. When I’m sleeping, I dream of what I do not know.

I am a self-published author. By that, I mean in third grade I wrote a book about the mating habits of warthogs and bound the spine in duct tape. This was because warthogs were one of my favorite animals and I had a tenuous grasp on what mating was.

Let’s talk about God, and what we watch on television, and if there is a God, and what music we like, and what it means to be human, and if modern narritive neglects the universal by obsessing about the personal.

Peace to you.



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