Is Resurrection a Pre-existing Condition?

The most Christian thing

one can do is make

Jokes about the body:

Dick, fart, shit, and

Vulva jokes in the

Name of Jesus Christ.


If Jesus was God embodied and he

Elevated the body

Then shouldn’t we

Elevate the body too?


I want to elevate the body by

Celebrating the body by

Familiarizing the function and surface of

The body.


There’s spirit in the unfurling of

Hair from it’s follicles,

God, in the sprouting of

Nails from their cuticles.


I see God in the

Upturned corner of your lips

when I say

“Pull out,” in polite conversation.


God was a body,

Spit, shit, cum, and skin



Jesus’ pink Lungs gave out under

The weight of a brown

Body dangling from a

State sanctioned cross.


(Did you know know 3.1 million people in the

U.S. alone have emphysema? Their pink

Lungs are collapsing too, maybe even expelling

Some of the same particulate matter

Jesus breathed.)