I was raised in the era of dewy eyed revivalists- the good lord moves in big and brilliant ways. People are healed, souls are saved, miracles happen.

I think that’s true. I think the good lord moves in big ways sometimes.

But not for me. At least, not really. I had some churchy youthgroupy tear spilling dramatic moments with God when I was younger, but the way I experience God now is a lot more mustard-seedy.

You know, faith is like a mustard seed? Jesus says it. Teeny tiny seemingly insignificant moments all coming together to make america’s favorite hot dog topping.

I wish faith was like corn or sunflowers, something tall and prolific.

But right now, faith is taking a walk instead of watching more TV. And God was faithful- I saw a rat colony and a Native American drum circle. I got hit on by four homeless men (on three separate occasions) and drank a milk shake. And I can say with great confidence, though it was scary at times, it was infinitely more rewarding than another hour of The Mindy Project would have been.

Here are some quotes about faith that mean a lot to me right now.

“Come on Andee, get the fuck out of bed.”


“Move, and way will open.”

-Quaker/Zen proverb

“I try to have faith in the things that will happen/ I get saved from myself when I do/ so maybe god isn’t the right word/ but I believe in you.”

-Ramshackle Glory

“Trust in god with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge god and god will make your path straight.”


“I see it I want it/ … I grind till I own it/ I twirl on my haters.”



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