Thought for food.

I made a salad yesterday. On my own volition I made a vegan salad. There was no cheese. There was not a shred of cheese. But I enjoyed it. Roasted chickpeas, avocado, and an olive oil, lime, brown sugar dressing.  No one held a gun to my head, and I could have just as easily made something that wasn’t a salad, but I ate it.

Don’t buy health food bars when you want candy. It will make you not like health food bars. Just buy the fucking candy.

Food can dismantle oppression. I really believe it. Eating can be a radical act of self-care. Cooking is kindness and feeding others is hospitality. I want to eat with an Assisian commitment to animals and plants. My faith is centered around stories of god as a person gathering with friends around a table. I hope that the food that nourishes me also nourishes my community.





Growing up they told me at school and at church not to give money to bums because the would drink it away.

Growing up they told me at church and at school that people are lazy unless they are motivated by competition, therefore capitalism is the only way.

It’s strange, walking to the grocery store or doing the dishes, sometimes I realize that I’ve been taught something like it’s a fact, and I just don’t believe it anymore. I wish that these people in authority would have framed these thoughts as opinions, not facts. I’m a kinder and more open person because I feel i can reach out instead of clinging to these things as facts.