Fashion Advice.

Here is my fashion advice.

When it comes to fashion, I am a personal relativist.

Put on a garment and assess your feelings. Do they range from neutral to positive? Congratulations! You are fashionable!

Do your feelings fall on the negative side of neutral? The way I look at it, you have two options.

Option A: Take off that garment and put on something that feels good; preferably something that helps facilitate your happiness and comfort.

Option B: Now this option is a complicated one, not a quick fix by any means. Maybe you don’t own anything that feels good. Chances are if you are breathing, you have been told your body isn’t worth being celebrated. Perhaps you have been told your body is too big or too small. Maybe you are inundated with messages that you don’t present your gender the right way. There are a plethora of voices saying that each and every body is unworthy of being fashionable.

I guess my fashion advice in this situation is keep looking for things that make you feel happy and comfortable. Maybe it is a garment, or maybe it’s not, but keep looking. Be good and gracious to yourself in the process. You’ll probably mess up and have days where your self-talk is extra icky, but do what you need to do to. Be kind to yourself because it’s a process and you’re doing your best.

Whatever you choose to wear or not wear, you are beautiful and you are fucking brilliant.

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