It goes something like this.

Half the time, my prayers sound something like this. “What the fuck, God?” or “Really? We’ve been working on this for the better part of twenty years, and I finally felt like I made some headway. So what the hell is this?” or “whywhywhywhywhywhywhy?”


The other half of the time my prayers go something like this.


I will be walking to class and notice a wizened old oak, and something in my spirit is stirred. I become still, and begin to notice my senses.


Or a friend will say something, and I hear the divine whispering, “That was my idea.”


One time, some friends of mine were frolicking in the ocean, jumping waves and falling down. They were not associated with a religion, they weren’t christian or religious. I heard God say, “look, we’re playing.” 


Take time to be still in the presence of the infinite. It will make itself known to those who search.